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A contemporary concept of Property Smart Card was founded in October 2016, soon the company was registered in the year 2021, Aayaan Data Science Private Limited is an avant-garde Property Management Solutions provider that initiates to transform the existing issues in the real estate environment worldwide, starting with India. The product was officially rolled out on 21st January 2021 by the Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat State at Rajkot Municipal Corporation’s function.

I am Murtuza Bharmal, the founder and CEO, an MBA graduate from Paris, France. with 12 years of professional Business Development and Marketing experience. I found an angel investor in Ms. Drashti and Mr. Dipesh Andharia, a renowned civil lawyer in Rajkot, and a little of self-funded the startup by making an MVP, and then ran a few pilot and trial runs. I got a breakthrough when Rajkot Municipal Corporation adopted my tech for its Avas Yojna and the occasion was inaugurated by the previous Gujarat Chief Minister.

Since then, received various pilot orders from Gujarat Government, Private Builders, and B2C clients. We have been running our operations successfully for the last two years.

Our vision

In the coming three years, we are aiming to eradicate paper irregularities, property frauds, land grabbing, lethargic bank financing processes, and wastage of paper, therefore, saving a huge amount of time, money, fuel, paper, and trees for our next generation.

If needed to mention statistically, we aim to save and create the below-given impact in the next 3 years in the state of Gujarat, not considering pan India:

  1. Saving Rs. 116 Crores of Photocopying & fuel cost combined of 13 Million Users
  2. Time equivalent of almost 20000 days of the paper-related process for the Property Document Registry
  3. Saving more than 8 Lakh Trees
  4. Saving Rs. 200 Crores (plantation cost for those 8 Lakh trees)
  5. 18000 Tonnes of Co2 Gases
  6. Saving another Rs. 20 Crores (Cost of Gujarat Government to save those Co2 gases)

These are the estimates derived from our pilot runs and referral resources. The above-given estimates are just for the State of Gujarat.

Why presently, Property Smart Card is not on a Blockchain?

  1. Blockchain technology and data do not remain valuable unless it is publicly decentralized and falls under any purview of laws and government actions.
  2. Current Land & Real Estate Records are ownership documents validated under various sections of Central & State government laws, if we adopt Blockchain technology for digital records which we prepare as private companies it should be verifiable by any government agency.
  3. Blockchain is an expensive technology to develop and maintain unless its use case is not defined and further if it cannot be monetized it doesn’t hold any greater value to a startup/company like us.
  4. Currently several important government data are not on blockchain such as Pan Card, Aadhaar UID, Driving Licenses, Passports, Bank Records, etc.

What is your long-term vision for the company?

Our vision is to remove the paper registry system in India. Buying and selling properties should be in form of buying/selling of stock of a company via your demat account. The same maintaining a De-materialised account for your properties is our vision for the next 10 years. Going completely paperless and making property transactions safe, paperless, and efficient so that there is the least waste of time, money, and paper.

We also want to save millions of trees across the world, by adopting digital technologies so that there is the least requirement for paper manufacturing and documentation need. We want the world to adopt almost all Carbon neutral products as much as possible.

How do you protect yourself from the competition and how do you plan to improve your market share?

There are several entry barriers we have created for competitors by first protecting our product and service with applicable Patents and Copyrights. We have acquired the business concept model and service process copyrights for Property Smart Card as well as the e-Property Smart Card, this will give us the edge on the legal terms for anyone else to introduce the same product.

We have already made our stance and strong pitch with high government functionaries in the Prime Minister’s Office and Chief Minister’s Office while completing several pilot programs with the Gujarat government, giving us a first-mover advantage, which becomes a critical entry barrier for any new competitor to enter into this product category. And currently, we are the only player for this product.

We are the only player in this product category, and so far, the improving market share question does not arise plus we are gathering adequate resources to scale this as early as possible.