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What is the maker?

A contemporary concept of Property Smart Card was founded in October 2016, soon the company was registered in year 2018, Aayaan Data Science Private Limited is an avant-garde Property Management Solutions provider that initiates to transform the existing issues in real estate environment worldwide, starting with India. The product has officially been rolled out on 21st January 2021 by then Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat State at Rajkot Municipal Corporation’s function.

Property Smart Card comes with various benefits for citizens, property builders, developers, and government and end their users. The company is focused into using its copyrighted software along with Blockchain technology to enhance the relationships between government, citizens, businesses, and civil society by revolutionizing the real estate market.

What is Property Smart Card?

Property Smart Card © is a digital and innovative solution to convert the entire Property Document File, which includes all sale deed papers, other documents related to a property and its owner(s) into digital format transforming it into a unique 16-digit chip-based smart card. It is a digital and innovative solution to convert the entire Property Document File, which includes all sale deed papers, documents related to a property and its owner(s), into digital format, giving it a unique 16-digit chip-based smart card makeover.

Why the need for it?

India has lot of paperwork issues when it comes to property document registration, storage, duplication and delays. Along with storage and filing issues, there is a lot of wastage of trees and water resources. Same long process for updating all documents during the time of new sale or getting secured loan from any banks or finance company. At times, this can also lead to duplication of original Property File if planned with malign motives. Lot of human effort, time intensive, wastage of money and papers. Differentiating / reading of property papers way too difficult for lay man, need of professional must here, usage of regional/state languages another big barrier.

Traditional process is requires ample amount of human effort, time, money and papers. Differentiating/reading of property papers is way too tricky for non-specialists who then need professionals’ help, which can be costly for them; usage of regional/state languages is another significant barrier.

Therefore, Property Smart Card removes physical files & paper hurdles, fraudulent transactions, property mismanagement, eradicate paper irregularities, property frauds, land grabbing, lethargic bank financing process and wastage of papers, therefore, saving a considerable amount of time, money, fuel, paper and trees for our next generation.