Need for Property Smart Card…

Research shows that from one tree approx. 33 Indian land registries are made of approximate 250 pages each. That is only an original file, consider its 2-3 photocopies, so now just derive the wastage of paper, fresh water and trees? Numbers are alarming. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to adopt electronic and paperless technologies. Here Aayaan Data Science is playing a big role by developing a solution for Real Estate industry, called Property Smart Card. We also support these below given suggestions by Conservatree organisation for spreading awareness for using less paper as much as possible.


Use your computer to eliminate paper. Adopt E-technologies. Write communications on letterhead templates in your word processing software. Incorporate an always up-to-date letterhead design on all letters, thereby eliminating outdated, leftover paper letterhead stock. Print forms and memos directly from the computer instead of using pre-printed forms.


Use both sides of the sheet of paper, whether for copying or printing. (Check for high opacity on lighter weight printing sheets.) Print double-sided for bills, applications, licenses, and other paper-intensive activities. Provide half-size sheets for short memos and letters. Reduce printing paper basis weight. Saves both paper and postage costs. Reduce size of printed piece (but make sure you don’t increase the amount of trim waste created). Purchase printers and copiers that can easily duplex. Program the defaults to double-sided.


Use the blank sides of unneeded single-sided copies for printing drafts. Use inter-office envelopes with address lines on both sides, then put labels over them when they fill up and send them out again. Reuse incoming envelopes in good condition for your own correspondence. Use large address labels to cover the original information.